Monday, January 21, 2013

Spicy Little Lies..

Well, sometimes we gotta lie for goods.. Sometimes the truth seems so hard to explain..
From the deepest, I am still got your name on my friend list..
But the way we spend the time together, it decreasing day by day..
I don't know what happened.. All I know is I'm not that excited about you existence..
If you there, that's good.. And when you're not there, I don't even care..

Right from the start, after we met 4 years ago..
I remember it was July 12th, 2008.
Sucks, when high school push me to know everyone there..
That wasn't a bad idea but, yeah what I mean is I can't imagine,
how could I memorize all names, previous schools, and room number,
which is sooooooooooo difficult to remember!!!

And you, you, you..
Lovely girl, kinda popular one since we get into high school..
As a leader, your name was loudly called and spoken all over the school,
and wait, I don't even talked to you in the first day..
Good name, good face, and I beg you a lot smarter than me,
(now you prove it, don't you?)

Day by day, I never thought we will get closer as a friend,
and more like a bestfriend.. It sounds funny when I called your name,
when I just needed something to ask about dormitory things~
Problem came, I heard you talking more and more,
and about your wise, no one doubt it..
But about being flexible, I doubt it actually..

Getting through organization,
I was thinking that this is the bridge for us to get closer, then it was wrong...
Living your life as a popular girl, I'm sorry, you didn't even listened to me..

Slowly I grew up a little HATE in my heart,

that was about you and your besties, POPULAR GIRLS IN HIGH SCHOOL!?
or may I call it, VIP PERSON? of course I can, this is my blog~

You and your friends, kept acting like you guys, were the QUEEN in our school..
wherever you go, whatever you said, whenever you say YES or NO,
people would immediately AGREE and never complained..
The boys were smiling sooo widely when you passed,
and will asked something sweet if you stopped by...
HELLYEAH I know it was your LUCK to have popularity,
which is I don't have AT ALL !

But did you thinking about us?
Did you asked everyone's opinion when decided something?
NONONO, you just asked YOUR FRIEND!
lucky to you because we have to act good when we were there..
 If it wasn't, maybe I had sent you a terror or something showeing I HATE YOU THE MOST!!!

but.....TO BE CONTINUED :)

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