Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday is A Bad Day !!!

Heeey it's a looong time since I wrote the last post..

Today is sooo bad day for me.. Got a lot of jackpots but it makes me wanna throw up :(

It sucks when you woke up in the morning and immediately checked your timeline then BANG!!! read the tweets that your fave team lose the big match!
Yeah it was happened this morning.. Today is supposed to be good because I have no schedule, but it turned bad when I read the headnews on timeline.. Such a bad-beginning of a free day!!

Then it wouldn't stop anyway.. Around 9 or 10 pm my stomach was getting mad, like really mad and makes me wanna jump, jump, and jump but NO I WAS ROLLING ON THE FLOOR WITH MY RED FACE like I'm gonna kill somebody !!

Hellyeah I didn't enjoy my free day at noon and guess what, it wasn't the end of suffers ( ̄▽ ̄)

I pretend to forget whatever I'm suffering from, and watched the football game (from the timeline I mean), another fave team because it comes from my province, beloved PSPS Peknbaru who joined ISL league this season. They were going to Bandung to play against Persib Bandung, and I was optimistic because we already won the last two games in a row !!!

And I bet yoy can guess the final result, but hold on! We scored very fast, and break the previous record of the fastest goal making !!! So prous of it, LIKE VERY VERY DYING PROUD of it :)

But things won't running well.. We got attacked too hard and BANG!!! we lose, a big lose for today..

I wanna scream but all I can do is to piss off on twitter.. Tweeted like I'm living in peace and not getting mad of anything today.. but I feel horrible inside..

Dear Wednesday, I respect you cause I was born in you, remember? But please show some respect to me.. don't ever get me sick of this, I wanna have some fun with you..

And dear Barca, my fave international club to death, I really trust you to bring joy for me.. I believe you can always make me proud :( Not saying that I don't love you when you losing a game, but it just... yeah you know girls having a bad day, right? I bet you understand and pleasseeeee don't let Villa go anywhere.. See, you guys are still depends on him besides Messi !? His medical report, haha he was just unlucky, and nobody's perfect.. Even Messi got fever now, okay? You kill me if you sell him cause I have to becoming fan of his new club and ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? cos I put all my soccersoul to the greatest FC Barcelona!! Brrrr~~~

Now that I told you I'm having a messed up day, I have yo get some sleep.. It's 11pm here and tomorrow I have cooking schedule (how cool I am) and morning class.. Actually FULLDAY CLASS for tomorrow :))

Please don't let me get another bad day over now !!! Hmmm speaking of tomorrow, I'm thinking that my monthly money will come~~~ I hope it's not just a hope.. Cause you know, I'm dying to buy CHOCO MUCHO chocolate on my own!!!!

Okay wish me luck for tomorrow,
I love my self ♥♥

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