Thursday, February 28, 2013

Welcoming March !!

February is always full of surprises !! Even it passed without warning !!
So surprise after checking my calendar.. Since it's 2013 there will be no 29 this month..
Which it means.. TOMORROW IS MARCH ALREADY !! Can you believe that?
*okay, I'm overreacted. Ignore then :p

WISHES SPREAD EVERYWHERE :) As usual, the hah-stag of Twitter, they tweet their wishes all over the world, and it will makes everybody seems to have at least one wish for this graceful MARCH. Oh I just wish I can live without problems (impossible). Okay, with less problems then! Allah, please let me do all my plans well. Please don't let my tears fall down again, I have nobody who can wipe my tears :)

March is one of the important months for me. Some body knew why, but I won't tell right now. It's gonna be hurts to share, I'm not looking for troubles anymore :( I don't know why March is coming faster than I thought. I remember, it was in December.. I said to my friends that I've been waiting so long for March to come.. But know March is approaching.. so close !!

Do you believe in ETERNAL LOVE? Sorry this is out of topic but seriously I can hold on this :( It's too pathetic, I know, to keep someone in your heart when you know he's not even care about your existence. I mean, he will never care if I'm still alive, living in happiness or all time sad, moving on or stuck in the deep hole waiting for him... I just can't stop it, believe me, I tried so hard ! But..
I didn't think it's gonna be this hard.. I mean, being free and so far from him, I just have to live my life, find my own joy, loves another guy, and everything in the stupid website's articles told me, I DID IT ! Really, I mean it.. But love.. What is love? Why we have to love someone?

Now get over it, done with love things~~ I pretend that I have no love for living creatures except for my family and people around me..

Let's make a wish.. Or wishes.. Everything will gonna be alright in March :) We have to find another love *ups sorry, my bad -_-

No, this is serious. Let's talk about FUTURE, DON'T STUCK IN YOUR PAST. The people who ever breaks your heart, is not gonna help you anymore. They will be a disturber *sorry my english* for you. Even if you are still loving or whatever you called it *sensitive*, just try to STEP AHEAD. Don't let your life become nothing just because you still care about those HEARTBREAKERS.

Welcome March, let's have fun with your life, solve your problems, put smile on your face, do your best, and make your parents absolutely proud of you :)

Not saying that I'm perfect just because I'm trying to motivate you, but the truth is.. I motivated my self. Yeah we know, nobody will read this post kkk~~

See, I laughed even when I'm not praise my self. I say bad things, the pathetic facts, but still trying to make fun of this. The jokes come from words is greater then acts. Okay then, together we welcoming the fenomenal *ups* fantastic MARCH, and TRY TO MAKE THE BEST MARCH EVER !!

Sending love to everyone~~~~~*FAILED* 


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