Sunday, November 10, 2013

Feels Like HOME?

Like a HOME? You say HOME?
Yeaa I stated that once.

"Our house is feels like home.. No matter what happens, as long as I live there I believe everything is gonna be alright.. "

But I'm sorry to ask, do you ever think that way? Think the way I thought?
27 months ago when we decided to live like this,
when we were so innocent back there,
and when we started the new page of our chapter of life..

It was hard, right? We were thinking that it would be easier, nicer, and when we thought that we would have so much sparetimes..
But in fact we were too tired by everything..
Those new things, new situation, new friends, but we hold an old memories..
Because of you, all of you, I realize there must be something that gonna make you smile in the middle of the war, at least it would reduce your pain..

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