Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baekhyun Imagine...

You're walking down the street near your house and suddenly rain is falli g. You jogged and shelter in front of a bookstore. It's keep raining and it was getting dark. You check your watch and surprised "Omo! It's 6.30 PM!!".

A cab stopped right in front of you. Without thinking twice you immediately open the door. How surprised you are when you realize there's a passenger in it. A guy with brown straight hair. But instead of getting angry, she smiled sweetly and pulled your hand in. You scream softly but he did not care.
"Ya! How dare you pulled me like...."
No way.. You can't finish your words. Your lips even locked down. That guy besides you is.. Byun Baekhyun. Your first love since junior high. He's looking straight ahead. He ignored you, but you can see he smiling satisfied. He turned his head slowly and looked at you.
"Hey. How are you?"
With messed-up feeling you're trying to  the take a courage to reply,
Hhe immediately laughed.
"Why are you laughing? Okay my hands is hurt. Happy now?"
"You just like the old days. Never changed. Still good at lying."
"Mwo? What did you say?"
"You're lying, chingu. Like the last time we met, two years ago. When I said I was going to move out of town, you said you were okay and will be okay."
"Booya? I don't remember!"
"Ahh look, you're lying again. And, why  you're getting more beautiful?"
You're blushing. You really want to hug him, but you just can't!
"Really? Then it's a proof that I'm okay without you. I wasn't lying!"
"Okay. So.. your tweets, blog post, and another thingy..  are lying? Or you gonna tell me that your account is hacked? Haha try me, girl."
You're deadly cover by silent. Your heart started countdown to explode. CHECKMATE. He's watching you for this damned 2 years. He never leave you.
"Baekhyun-ah .."
"Hmm? Want to tell you miss me? I know it."
"Ya~!! You too still like the old days! What makes you think my blog posts, tweet or anything are for you?"
"Because I know you can't forget me. Dont deny it, you still love me. But please stop it..It's anoying you know."
What? All of your memories fade in then he suddenly begging you to stop.. loving him?
"Are u crazy? First, you accuse me loving you. Then you begging me to stop loving you? And am I annoying I didnt even try to reach you after you leave!"
"Did u always like this? Taking the wrong conclusion?" He smiles.. Send a deeper look into your eyes.. and makes you hard to breathe. He continued,
"I beg you, do not love me through your posts or tweet or sumthg.. Just call me when you need me, anytime you miss me.. Ask me to visit you on weekend or holidays. I would love to do it, just"
You're shocked and feels like get absorbed into your dream.
"What.. do you mean.. by all of this? Did you stop the cab on purpose? And why you make me confused now?"
The taxi stops. You look out of window and it had reached the house.
Baekhyun grab your hand and holds it softly. He look into your eyes. You're freezing.
"Because I miss you.. Please, dont make it so hard.. Dont lie to your heart, and to me as well, baby.. I love you, too.."
He hug you and whispered a goodbye, again. But this time is different, you know you're going to see him again. As soon as possible :)

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