Sunday, December 8, 2013

D.O Imagine

It's the last day school before the summer holiday. You're laughing with your friends talking about holiday plans. You feel like someone is watching over you. He stared at you for 30minutes since you walk into the class. You know him but you dont talk much.
After having lunch, you meet him on your way to class.  You feel scared because he keep looking at you, so deep. You can't hold it anymore then call him.

"Kyungsoo~ya! What's wrong? Is it me, or you have something to say?"
He didnt reply. He coughed a little then continue walking. You run over him but someone block your way. It's Kris, your boyfriend. You haven't talk to him for days.
"Kris? What are u doing? I want to ask him about sumthg.."
"Baby, what just he said? Did he disturb you?"
"A..aniyo, Kris! He is my classmate, Do Kyungsoo. We are in the same group for holiday project.."
You dont know why you lied to your boyfriend. You know Kris will punch Kyungsoo if you told him.
And you dont even know why you dont want Kris to do it. You feeling weird.
Kris is not give up yet. He keep ask you to tell the truth. You're confuse, and Kris shaking your shoulder too hard. Its hurts. And you started crying because Kris is acting weird.
"What do you want, Kris? I told you its nothing, he doesnt even want to talk to me! Why do u have to hurts me like this?"
"I dont believe it. Why didnt you tell the truth? WHAT DID HE SAID TO YOU!!??"
Kris yelling and you're crying louder.
Suddenly Kyungsoo appear from Kris's back and punch Kris on his face.
You screaming but you dont know what to do. You dont even stop Kyungsoo.
Kris hit Kyungsoo back and you see he is bleeding. Both of them are bleeding now.
You run between them and yell,
Kyungsoo wipe his bleeding lips and stare at Kris with sharp looks.
Kris said nothing. Then he ask Kyungsoo to leave you with Kris alone.
Kyungsoo refuse it, and even come closer.
"You tell her now. stop hurting her. I've been calm down this far but you dont stop it. How can you—"
"Shut up, Kyungsoo! You know what I am capable of in this school. You wanna die, huh?"
"You shut up, Kris. You and your bastards cant stop me protectinf her. JUST LEAVE HER ALONE!!!"
With confused feelings you replied
"What is this all about? Kris, what did he means by that? Kyungsoo, what is this?"
Kyungsoo wait for Kris to confess. But Kris keep in silence.
After a while, Kris said sorry. And sorry. You still dont get it. WHATS WRONG?
"Kris, just tell me. Everything. Right now.."
Kris started to open his mouth, with full of regret feelings..
"I never love you, baby. Since the first time I asked you to be my girlfriend. It was fake, for a bet purpose. I will get money from the boys if I get you. I'm so sorry.. I dont meant to hurt you"
...... You lose your breathe for a sec. You feel like the time is stop ticking. You fell down and burst out to tears. Kris try to hold your hand but you push him away.  Kyungsoo looked at you in frustating way but he lets you crying. Kris said sorry once again then leave.
Yes, he leave. All of this fake memories fade in and it makes you even weaker.
Kyungsoo approach you and help you to get up. You cant say anything. He hug you,  wipe your tears.
"I'm sorry I'm late. I should safe you from the start, but I cant.."
"Why? Why you didnt safe me?"
"I cant see you cry.. I never thought he can be this mean to you. On the first time he introduce you as his gf, it was the first time you walk with confidence. I dont wanna rui  your happiness.."
"But few days ago I knew that he didnt even love you, and.. the bet thing.. its killing me. He knew that I know so he threatened me to keep it secret. He promise to fix this soon, but he didnt."
"Ya! You pabo!! But thankyou. Sorry if I asking this.. but please, can u stay here in my side? I dont know who to trust.."
Kyungsoo hug you thigher and your love story with Kyungsoo just begin :)

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