Sunday, December 8, 2013

Luhan Imagine

"Excuse me~"
Someone patted your shoulder softly.
You plugged out your earphone, then looked up to see who's patted.
A boy, around 20-25 year old.
Blonde, tall, and goshhh he has a sweet smile.
"Can I help u?"
He smiling again, now wider and cuter.
"I just move to this area.. Can you tell me Where is.. hmm.. ABC Mart?"
You laughing. Then instantly point your finger to the sky. He following your finger then see ABC sign.
"Ahh mianhae, I can't read hangul. So this is ABC Mart?"
"Yess, the door is right behind you. Your accent is weird. Where are you from?"

"Ahh so you Chinese. Kyeopta!"
"Haha nothing. I gotta go. I'll see you around okay?"
"Okay, Nice to meet u. Kamsahamnida..
"You can say xiexie, I know that one."
Have been a week after ur first meeting with that China guy. You saw him twice or more when you walked by his house. But no talking. You're getting more curious about him.
One day, you go home late due to your extra class schedule. It's 8 PM and you walking down the empty street. You hear some footsteps behind you but you dont have courage to turn back. At the end of the street, a big guy pull your bag then cover ur mouth with his strong hand. You screaming loudly but it obviously failed. You kicking and fight back, but you're just a girl.. and he is not alone.
They're standing around you.. One of them pull out a knife and  threaten you not to screan. You're crying, and he rudely grab your hair. For a seconds you feel like its over, your life is over... then the rude guy suddenly fall headfirst. Someone has kicked him down. Who was that?
You try to find out and you hear that nice guy talk in... you dont understand what he said.. it just feel like.. MANDARIN!!!
Yess its him, the cute Chinese guy you met in front of ABC Mart!  Now he finish up the other big guys. All of them run very fast like losers.
"Are you okay?"
His cute face still looks cute even in te darkness. You nodded. He pick up your bag and fix your hair softly.
"I'm okay now.. Thank you so much."
He keep quiet and walk you to your house. When you arrived, your mom is waiting for you. She smiles. She don't even worry about you getting messed up.
"Thank God you're not late, Luhan. Thanks, I know I can rely on you."
She talk to that China guy!
"Mom??" I stare at her with thousands questions on my mind.
"You met Luhan before. He is cute, isnt it?"
"Mom , please!?"
Luhan is blushing. He cant even look at you. You neither. Then your mom start talking again,
"Remember the last time I told you about matchmaking?"
"Ohh stop it. I dont wanna talk about that arranged marriage after attacked by some crazy guys, Mom."
"Will you change ur mind if the guy that I chose for you is Luhan?"
You talked to your self,
"Mom are you kidding me right?"
"No, It's true. I ask Luhan to come here from China to see you. And also to take care of u. His dad and I are best friend. Don't ever try to refuse it. Luhan likes you my dear.."

asdfghjkl you shocked, but secretly feel happy. Your mom get into the house and leave u alone with Luhan.
Luhan patted your shoulder again, then whisper to you,
"Annyeong.." with his cute manly voice.
That was the most beautiful korean words you ever heard in ur life :)

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