Friday, September 2, 2016


I'm happy and ready to step ahead
gonna laugh like I'm the luckiest person
never look back, never regret anything

I believe nothing's impossible
like nothing could ever break my bone
nothing could ever worth my sadness

In my life I would never cry for someone
have to be the strongest
gotta take the world in my hand..

I wont be worrying stupid things
as everything is just gonna be alright
wont be someone who easily give up

and I will give my heart away
only to a person who worth it
not gonna throw it as easy as before

I'm gonna work happily
gonna live my life to the fullest..
and love my self more than anything..

but wait..
Fucking no. Bloody hell no.

....... everything up there was a reverse
a huge lie, biggest lie..
all i have now is negativity

but I like it that way
dont blame me for the monster inside

I just hate the positive things
let me live this way

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